Plan events? Your job is tough enough.

Let’s face it. Selecting the right partner to manage hotel reservations for your event is possibly one of the top 10 most important decisions you’ll make. What's your situation?

  • You've always let everyone 'go on their own' for hotels? You're not sure how we fit in or why you need us. Let us explain.  
  • You had a disaster and worked with the wrong provider? You're concerned about another nightmare, we'll give you guarantees.
  • Need a change? Maybe you have a long standing relationship with a housing company...but need to step up your game.

We typically focus on sports events, but have experience in everything from VIP resort meetings to corporate mega-events and from religious events to softball tournaments. 


Good news. We're the extension of your event staff you don't have to pay for.  

Let us assume the duties you don't have time for: the contract negotiator, the hotel liaison, the one who answers the phone at 2am when the unexpected VIP is arriving into a sold-out hotel at 8am. We're the ones who ran housing for an event of 9,000 the weekend after 9/11 when everyone said it couldn't be done. We're no cookie cutter, "no problem", "sorry it's not our fault" kind of company. 

Check out the competition, changes are  they using another reservations system they don't own. So if things go wrong they have zero control over the technology and your precious data. VROOMZ uses our own proprietary reservations system and everyone who answers our phone for you actually works for us. Anyone who doesn't have that doesn't control the end-game for you.

We've been doing this for decades, and we are pretty sure that after the first time we work for you you'll wonder how you did it without us. We've got your back so you can focus on running a great event......and have a shorter 'to do' list.  

Let us learn  your business so we can earn  your business.

Beyond the "third Party"

hotel reservation Services for Major Events